5th Season

Digital Release


TEAM152’s 1st EP [5th Season]

In our current reality, it’s as if we are experiencing a new, endless “5th” season.
With our expressions and thoughts masked and hidden from sight, we wanted to convey the things that are felt within our hearts.

The first track “seulseulhi” is the Korean version of our single released last December. It is about those inevitable moments when you feel most alone, where nobody can understand you and what you’re going through.
The second track “WInterlude” features a narration which gives a nod to the classic poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. It also serves as an intro of sorts to the next track, “Picture Perfect” which is the title track of this EP.
“Picture Perfect” is about missing that which lies hidden behind the surface of immaculately crafted perfection. We’d like to think that there is more to it than what is immediately visible.
In the fourth and final song “White Night”, we bask in the warmth of precious memories, remembering the happiness and the farewells.

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